Meet Your Confidant

Leigh Hall - Founder

For Leigh, sensitivity comes naturally. Helping others has been a passion that has manifested in a variety of ways throughout her journey. Gaining emotional intelligence from growing up in a dysfunctional household, an academic understanding of how societal culture affects women’s psyche through a B.A. in Sociology from Bowdoin College, and the tools to help improve individual functioning and well-being as an MSW candidate at The Catholic University of America.  While Leigh has compassion for all, her experiences particularly lend themselves to those of military spouses, as her husband is an active-duty service member, and to women of color.


Who We Are…

Through virtual, 1:1 sessions, La Confidente helps women unbox their emotions, gain relief from stress, and develop coping strategies to restore emotional equilibrium. Leigh is trained to actively listen with an empathetic ear, provide verbal support, and teach effective coping skills, all in a confidential, safe space. Using her bespoke VVR (Vent, Validate, Restore) method, Leigh leaves you feeling heard, liberated, and prepared to move forward confidently. The best part is, La Confidente makes all of this self-care accessible from your phone, tablet, and computer. Being a virtual coaching company, we are unbound by physical meeting spaces and mental health labels.

Our Mission…

Our work is rooted in helping women regain the strength to thrive in their experience rather than just survive. When we box up and store away our stressors, frustrations, disappointments, fears, and sadness, we don’t have the energy to do what we really want to do -- to excel, to be creative, to take risks -- because we are exhausted from keeping it all together. La Confidente gives women permission to unbox these emotions, so that you can show up the way you want to at work, at home, with your friends and family. La Confidente provides a space where you don’t have to be what you think you “should” be or “have” to be for others. You might have a great relationship, your dream job, and an exciting social calendar, but instead of being over the moon you feel stressed and spent. Society tells women “you wanted all of this, so handle it” and then shames those who show vulnerability. These messages are so ingrained, they prevent us from sharing our truth with our loved ones in fear of embarrassment.  Where can women go to breakdown, to let it out, to express our truth? The answer is here. La Confidente’s mission is to listen and validate your feelings without judgement, no matter the situation because you deserve it and because even superwoman needs a shoulder to cry on.

Our Process…

The basis for all La Confidente services is the VVR method: Vent, Validate, and Restore.  This method is grounded in the philosophy that your emotions carry weight, meaning your emotions matter and negative emotions are heavy on the mind, body, and soul.

  1. First and foremost, we are here to listen. Being listened to increases people’s ability to rally their own coping skills and, at the same time, provides comfort and healing in times of greatest need. We want you to take the floor, uninterrupted, unjudged, and unapologetic.  This is where you get to clear out the cobwebs and unbox the emotions you have been suppressing for yourself or for the benefit of someone else.

  2. The next step is validation. We don’t just want to listen, we want you to feel heard and understood. Our confidantes take the time to empathize with you and normalize your emotional responses. Women are too often told we are “crazy” or “too sensitive” and we want to do the opposite. We tell women vulnerability is strength.

  3. Now that we have addressed the piles of negative energy dragging you down and stifling your potential, there is space for your mind to absorb all the positivity around you. Before the end of every session, we help you restore emotional equilibrium by teaching and practicing relevant coping skills that will build your stress-management and emotional regulation toolkit.  

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