Stress coaching for the modern woman


Experiencing stress, anxiety, anger, and grief throughout life is normal; and needing extra support during these times is expected. Stop trying to do it by yourself; we are here to help.


There is tremendous value in talking to a “stranger.”  Although they love us and have the best of intentions, our families, friends, and romantic partners often react with negative commentary, share conversations we had with them in confidence, or lose empathy because they are burnt out from being our only source of support.  We all have challenges on a variety of scales that we need to share with others but are scared to because when we try to share our daily struggles with loved ones we can be met with judgement, preconceived notions, or comparisons. With third party confidantes, you get an untainted, clean slate and can unload all of your baggage without it following you home.


You don’t want to be assessed or diagnosed, fill out piles of paperwork, or make a three-month weekly commitment. At La Confidente, you dictate your sessions because we think you know your needs best.


While clinical mental health professionals are needed to cope with trauma and mental disorders, many of us just need someone to validate our concerns, challenges, and emotional responses to difficult situations while arming us with effective coping strategies.


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